DLuBrQbUMAA6Lbo.jpg-largeWelcome, my name is Alexandria Heston!

This is my website! Or is it? After all, reality is simply our brain’s attempt to understand and learn from our surroundings. For the sake of time, we’ll say that it is. If you look deep enough in this website, however, you can see me constructing my own realities in virtual and augmented spheres. I have spent the past couple years involved in the concept of how Human-Computer Interaction and Reality Systems are combined together.

I have built about four different realities myself, and have examined an infinite number more. I am familiar with 3D softwares and engines such as Maya and Unity, along with Blender and Unreal3D. I have studied the impact and implementation of all of these applications in my university and abroad studies, and applied them to everyday use in personal VR projects, including music videos and puzzle games.

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My blog is sometimes satirical and heavily opinionated…

The reason I started a blog was because I realized I was learning so much through my work that I wanted to write it all down.

Anyway, I’ve been designing for about 8 years now and programming for about four. My start was in graphic design, and slowly but surely I realized my real passion was a combination of software development, digital design, and innovative technologies. I was confounded by the amount of information out there I had to search for just to get by, so I decided to store it all in one place.

I hope you enjoy what you read here!

*All views are my own.