DLuBrQbUMAA6Lbo.jpg-largeWelcome, my name is Alexandria Heston!

I’ve been designing for about eight years now and programming for about four. My start was in graphic design, and slowly but surely I realized my real passion was a combination of software development, digital design, and innovative technologies. I was confounded by the amount of information out there on User Experience Design, so I decided to research and create more and more as my passion grew. I even decided to start a blog! My current joys are Games UX and VR Interaction Design, because they have such a direct correlation to human psychology and physiology. I currently consult as a UX Technical Artist for Web, Mobile, VR, and AR applications and have been loving every moment.

playing_gamesBackground in XR

I have spent the past couple years involved in the concept of how Human-Computer Interaction and Immersive Computing are combined together. My recent dive into XR design has made me appreciate the vast affordances technology has to offer humankind. I am familiar with 3D softwares and engines such as Maya, Blender, Unity, and Unreal3D. I have studied the impact and implementation of all of these applications in my studies, and applied them to everyday use in Web and Mobile interaction design.



I hope you enjoy what you read here! All views are my own. If you’d like to contact me further regarding my availability or work you may email me at alexandria.g.heston@gmail.com