VR Design: Transitions

This was my first ever Virtual Reality environment creation. The course I was taking involved a hands-on studio approach exploring the technical development of three-dimensional computer graphics for state-of-the-art display systems. We investigated the use of user-interface design, created 3D graphical environments, and explored the parallel drives toward content creation and visual aesthetics.

For this project my idea was to create three different islands, transitioning between a natured state into a completely mechanical one. The point of the piece was to resonate an emotional bond with my viewers and to show how much nature has an impact on how we exist, live, and survive. Slowly through interactions and transitions between the islands, the simulation showed the replacement of natural objects on land and in the ocean with mechanical or material possessions like street laps, submarines, clothing, or jewelry boxes.

My final environment was viewed in a large display room with massive screens (this was before the popularization of headsets) in which viewers could watch as I navigated through the world I had created.




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