VR Design: MIT Virtual Reality Symphony Orchestra

This project was the Reality, Virtually Hackathon that I was invited to participate in at the MIT Media Lab in October of 2017. During this project, I acted as both the Lead Designer and Lead 3D Modeler for the application. I (middle) worked directly with the sound designer (seen far left) and developer (far right) to create a seamless VR experience that taught the user about the role of conducting an orchestra. We did this through the interaction of the Leapmotion headset.


I mapped out the environment (seen below) as well as all of the models within that environment. We determined that there would be a significant amount of instruments to interact with in order to retain the realness of a symphony hall.


Seen below are some of the models that I created. Prior to this project, I had no idea how complex and intricate instruments were (having never played one myself) and I welcomed the opportunity to create new models for the interaction system.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 5.35.20 PM

I also had the pleasure of designing the environment that the instruments existed in, which was difficult as the instruments had to be visible and understandable from a new user perspective.


Once we had the environment and the conducting motions mapped out, we started to place our objects into our environments.


Our developer was able to play-test each instrument interaction in it’s entirety, as well as have it paired with an instrumental accompaniment – created by our sound designer.


Below you can learn more about my ideation and our process as a whole through out this hackathon.



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